Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Radio Broadcaster Mark Patrick's Career on Hold

Fans continue to await news of former XM Radio star Mark Patrick -- one of the most gifted sports broadcasters ever to wait by a telephone for months.

Though earlier rumored to have been the beneficiary of a customary, 90-day, contractual severance package since he being fired by the network in November -- which would have provided him income through much of this month -- the supposed arrangement has been called into question.

For all appearances, Patrick is languishing in his Brownsburg, Ind., "trailer" as major league catchers and pitchers prepare to report to spring camps in Florida and Arizona.

Ironically, Patrick and former "Baseball this Morning" broadcast partner Buck Martinez had reached the apex of their satellite radio endeavor when the struggling network pulled the plug on Patrick. Patrick's dismissal came even as he and Martinez had perfected an informative, entertainingly bright and yet often mockingly self deprecating and sarcastic repartee that held fans in rapt attention.

But program developer Charles 'Chuck' Dickemann -- with a more limited understanding of major league baseball than his two morning hosts -- reportedly had his share of disagreements with Patrick over form and content, with Patrick none too shy about speaking his mind, according to knowledgeable sources.

While the talent shined, the network failed to take advantage of its entree with key baseball sources to respond to tips or develop exclusives that would have greatly advanced XM Channel 75. Even the channel's hourly sports news breaks, for example, were especially repetitive, untimely and wholly unoriginal -- sometimes bordering on illiterate.

Wall Street analysts urged speculators and investors to sell their interests in XM as the network's descent into the realm of penny stocks threatened its listings on major stock exchanges. At the same time, Patrick found his contract renewal on the endangered species list.

Why haven't the powers-that-be given Patrick another chance as the new baseball season approaches? Why is it that decision making lies with all the wrong people?

(By the way it is widely accepted that Charles "Chuck" Dickemann is no relation to Charles "Bud" Dickman, talk show host Phil Hendrie's intern formerly on XM Channel 152. It was Bud, not Chuck, who was the one with the steel plate in his head, or was it the other way around?)


SkiSullivan said...

There is no question that the shake-up at MLB Homeplate discarded a chemistry that powered a cogent and meaningful lineup of sports reporting know-how and on-the-field experience.

It all seems in disarray now. Programs ebb and flow, and nothing seems to be really working. The new voices they've brought in to prop up the former players & coaches don't really add much to the mix.

Mark Patrick's ousting was a crime. I am in earnest hope he can catch on w/ bigger/better broadcaster (MLB Network?) and/or start his own online effort.

Unknown said...

So what's the deal with Buck? Is he going to be back on XM or not.

Note to XM, please no more East Coast NY accents on XM175, it's really noticeable.

I'm actually cutting out one subscription because the XM product is as good as it was, and the raising of prices on second receivers stinks.

Anonymous said...

I haven't listened to Patrick since he was on local radio in Indianapolis. Sometimes very funny, but most of the time self-absorbed, self-important, and never as funny as he thought he was. Local rumor has it that he was an insufferable ----- who finally alienated everybody at the station where he worked.

Anonymous said...

I can only be happy that I'm not an XM stockholder when firing Mark Patrick is typical of their managment decisions. Mark is informed and informative without being a know-it-all, unfailingly polite to his co-hosts, guests, and callers, and very entertaining - probably the best sports talk show host in the country. I used to plan my day around listening to Baseball This Morning, beginning when MLB meant Mark, Larry, and Buck, but now just don't bother. Wherever he ends up, I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

Time for Dickemann to admit he made a mistake and rehire Patrick. Take one for the team, Chuck. It's not too late to fix this mess. Regular season hasn't started yet.

margez said...

Ok, Chuck, here is the main reason to bring back Mark Patrick in just three little words - MIKE AND MIKE. None of your present mismatched pairings can come close to the entertainment that these guys provide. Dull and ordinary won't cut it if you hope to compete with them. The guys you have now are just dull. Jody McDonald hurts my ears. Kushner and Castellano are awful. Do they ever listen to themselves? Dibble and Kennedy were great together. Why ruin a good thing? If your ego won't let you admit to mistakes and fix them, maybe the next person out the door should be you.