Sunday, February 08, 2009

Rangers Take Chance on Andruw Jones

Well, somebody had to do it. That somebody turns out to be the Texas Rangers, who are expected to announce within the next two days the signing of outfielder Andruw Jones.

Jones was once a champ, a good hitter and great centerfielder. Now he's a chump. Last year, one of the worst players to appear on a major-league roster.

Whether he appears on the Rangers' major-league roster is up in the air. The deal Jones and the Rangers have agreed to is a minor-league deal. Even if Jones makes the big-league roster, the Rangers will be on the hook for only $500,000. Another $1 million is possible in incentives, but unless those incentives are along the lines of "eat 12 tacos in under 12 minutes," the Rangers probably needn't have their checkbook at the ready.

But Jones is only 32 years old. Given his past glories, and the paltry dollars (by major league baseball standards) involved, the shot in the dark the Rangers are taking is one worth taking.