Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SI: Dunn's Deal Worth $10 Million Per

As noted earlier in the post about Adam Dunn signing with the Nationals, word has been that an offer by the Nats to Dunn has been on the table for at least a couple months. That standing offer appears to be the one Dunn agreed to today, based on the size of the contract that is reporting.

According to's Tom Verducci, Dunn's two-year contract is worth $20 million. It's easy to see why Dunn jumped on that after a couple months of holding off. One day ago, Bobby Abreu was cornered into taking a 1-year, $5 million-plus-incentives offer from the Los Angeles Angels.

Dunn's positive relationship with his form GM in Cincinnati, Jim Bowden, surely played a part in his being able to nab that $20 million offer even after the market cratered - and in Bowden not re-sizing the offer downward.