Friday, July 03, 2009

Angels Robb Quinlan Stands to Gain Playing Time

Maybe he goes out for pizza. Maybe he makes a good cup of coffee. Whatever it is that Robb Quinlan does to earn his keep these last seven years with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, he certainly keeps a spot warm on the bench.

Quinlan, a right-handed corner infielder, is struggling to maintain his .281 career batting average in part because of a lack of opportunity. He has well under 100 plate appearances on the year.

However things may be looking up for Quinlan now that the Angels have had the chance to observe switchhitting starting first baseman Kendry Morales for more then 250 at-bats.

Morales has been splendid facing right-handed pitchers, as he is hitting .300 with 13 home runs, but is the most schizophrenic, power-hitting, switch batting Angel since Chili Davis. His average batting right against left-handers is so poor at .184, that he probably should consider batting left full time lest Mike Scioscia be tempted to make him part of a strict platoon.

The only problem with putting Morales in a platoon with Quinlan is that Quinlan is hitting left-handers even worse at .175.