Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Marcus Scutaro Projected as Red Sox Superstar

In Oakland he was perceived as a limited, part-time utility player, but newly signed Red Sox shortstop Marcus Scutaro now has been projected by a former coach as having blossomed into a catalytic, minor superstar who can do it all.

"He'll draw a walk, he'll hit and run, he'll move runners along, he'll bunt, he'll hit some balls into the seats, he'll steal a base," says 2009 Blue Jays bench coach Brian Butterfield. "He's immersed with the offensive part of the game."

Speaking to sports columnist Larry Mahoney with the Bangor Daily News, which serves Butterfield's hometown of Orono, Me., Butterfield, 52, described Scutaro as "outstanding" defensively as well, having committed only 10 errors in 143 games despite leading the lead in chances under Butterfield's direction last season in Toronto, Scutaro's second with the Blue Jays.

He credited the 34-year-old Latino veteran with intelligence, skill and knowledge in positioning himself to take maximum advantage of batters' hitting tendencies and proclivities, thus re-enforcing accuracy in critical situations. "There's no panic in his hands," Butterfield said.